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Together Towards Achievement


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In Nursery we take pride in offering a wide range of activities where children can learn through play. Play is a natural way for young children to learn. We have a well planned indoor and outdoor environment that provides children with absorbing and stimulating activities which enable them to learn through meaningful play experiences.

Activities are planned to ensure a flexible and balanced curriculum with a combination of busy and quiet periods. The children have both adult-led activities where they can develop and learn new skills. The children are also actively encouraged to make their own choices and initiate their own play.

Time is spent equally both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors children have unique opportunities to play co-operatively - sharing resources, turn taking, negotiating, communicating ideas and developing friendships. Outdoors the children are able to gain confidence in what they can do as well as feeling the benefits of being healthy and active. Physical activity is enjoyable and promotes a sense of self-esteem through achievements.

We observe the children regularly to monitor individual progress to ensure that each child is getting the most from their time at nursery. We maintain strong links with parents and always welcome sharing your child’s profile and experiences, both at home and nursery.

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Picture 1 'Friendship Week' in Nursery.
Picture 2 Being creative in 'Art Week'.
Picture 3 Being creative in 'Art Week'.
Picture 4 An amazing Autumn Walk.
Picture 5 Looking for signs of Autumn.
Picture 6 Happy Halloween!
Picture 7 Happy Halloween!
Picture 8 'Mini-Me' is so much fun!
Picture 9 'Mini-Me' is so much fun!