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Together Towards Achievement

School Logo

Cockburn Haigh Road Academy

Together Towards Achievement


School Vision

Cockburn Haigh Road Academy

Vision and Values


Our aim is to ensure that all children are able to maximise learning potential, leave Cockburn Haigh Road Academy with an excitement for, and love of learning that will last a lifetime. Cockburn Haigh Road Academy is a caring, inclusive academy and will nurture all children to become responsible citizens, strong in hope and character.


We will support our pupils to -


  • Develop the attitudes, characteristics and self-belief to tackle any challenges in future life
  • Be articulate, curious and enquiring
  • Enjoy their time at school
  • Be recognised as individuals
  • Develop good relationships and lasting friendships
  • Recognise and celebrate diversity
  • Develop and apply moral values
  • Acquire the skills, commitment and resilience to become successful, independent life-long learners
  • Take responsibility for leading themselves and others
  • Receive recognition and praise for their efforts and achievements in all areas of school life
  • Be active members who contribute to the school and wider community
  • Accept hard work and discipline as requirements for success

Promoting and supporting British Values is integral to the success of Cockburn Haigh Road Academy's vision through the teaching of –

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

The school ‘Golden Rules’ run throughout the academy vision and support our pupils in maximising their social and academic learning potential becoming responsible citizens.


  • We are gentle – we don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and gentle – we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen – we don’t interrupt
  • We are honest – we don’t cover up the truth
  • We work hard – we don’t waste our own or others’ time
  • We look after property – we don’t waste or damage things

Everyone, staff and children are encouraged to work hard with high levels of expectation in the spirit of co-operation and consideration. If children believe, they can achieve.