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School Council

Mrs Carter leads our active School Council. We will be busy throughout the school year, working together on exciting projects. Keep reading for information about our journey so far this year! 

Although the pupils at our school are young, we believe that their ideas and opinions are very important. We have a school council which gives the children a platform for their voices to be heard. The School Council comprises of two children from each class, elected by their classmates.


The aims of the school council . . . 


1. To help make school life better for everyone.

2. To care for everyone in our school community.

3. To give pupils a voice and a way of helping to make decisions in school.


The school council have been involved in many areas including writing a school prayer and providing valuable feedback about school dinners and whole school play-times.

School Council Elections . . . 


Each class has 2 representatives. In Reception this is one boy and one girl. In Key Stage One representatives comprise of a Year One child and one Year Two child. Mrs Carter helps the children in the school council.


The council is elected during the Autumn term. 

Important events so far . . .
On the 21st September School Council Job application forms were distributed for completion by children interested in becoming a School Councillor. Completed forms were returned to Mrs Carter by Tuesday 27th September and four applications were selected to act as candidates. 

Wednesday 5th October was ELECTION DAY and Voting took place throughout the morning.


February 2017 - The KS1 School Council welcomed 4 Reception members  . . . have a look at the new photograph! 


School Council Update 2017

After talking to their classmates, the School Councillors found that occasionally children feel lonely at playtime.  After lots of discussion they decided to introduce Playground Friends at the beginning of the Summer term.


Playground Friends are Year Two children who have chosen to spend one playtime a week watching out for children who are alone and then helping them to find a friend.


The School Council asked for, and were given,  funding to buy distinctive aprons for the Playground Friends to wear so that all the children know who will help them.


Hopefully, this addition to playtime will ensure no child feels left out.